WW1 Wooden Propeller Photo Gallery
These Are Some of My Personal Collection of World War 1 Era Wooden Propellers
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Sopwith Pup (British & Colonial)
Bristol Fighter  (Bristol)
Fokker DVII  (Axial)
Caudron G3 (Waring & Gillow)
SE 5A  (Curtiss)
Airco DH1 (Chauviere)
Coming Later
Curtiss JN4C  (OX5/Paragon)
Nieuport XXIV bis (Chauviere)
SPAD XI (Gallia)
SPAD XIII (Chauviere)
Curtiss F Boat (Buffairo)
U.S. Propellers
British  Propellers
French Propellers
German Propellers
Sopwith Camel
Curtiss H16
AV Roe 504
DH4 (4 Blade)
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Thomas Morse Scout
Hardman & Peck
Standard J1 (Westmore)
Curtiss HS2L -( Falcon)
Bristol  F2b_ Rolls Royce
Curtiss JN4H (Hisso/Paragon
Unico Propeller