Standard J1
            c. 1917

Comments:  The hub dimensions of this propeller establish its usage for a Hall Scott A7A engine, and was almost certainly used on the Standard J1, based on the stamped "Standard" on one of the copper tips, which is somewhat unusual.  Although very similar in appearance to the Curtiss JN4, the  J1 was more difficult to fly and did not attain the fame of the Jenny.

Wood:   Mahogany
Length:  8' 0"
Historical Help?

This propeller tip photo was sent to me by the grandson of a farmer who saved it from a crash that Charles Lindberg had on his farm in Glencoe, Minnesota in 1923 (before Lindberg was famous).  It matches this propeller exactly.  The owner is trying to get additional history about the circumstances.  If you have any information related to it, please
contact me.