Heine Propeller - Germany
c. 1917

100 PS
D 290
ST 190


Comments:  I acquired this Heine propeller from, Billy Pearson, a friend who was known for his collecting of WW1 and other memorabilia and his appearance on the  $64,000 Question TV show.   He purchased it in Belgium, believing the tags on the rear of the hub identifying it as used on a Fokker Dr1 were valid, which it turns out they are not.  It has the typical features of a WW 1 German propeller, but the stampings are difficult to read and the actual use of the prop is unknown.  The rear of the hub shows what appears to be original Rupp fastener configuration and plugging of adjacent bolt holes.  It's unclear in what sequence these were drilled.  The rear of the hub has also been cut out for a clock or similar device.  While this is an authentic Heine WW1 era propeller, it is not in original condition due to cutting the hub and attempted repair of the cracked tip.

From the stampings it is clear that it was manufactured by Heine.  I believe it is stamped for a 100 HP Argus engine (introduced in 1913) and that the pitch is stamped 190.  As was the case in other early Heine propellers, there are no decals or sheathing on this propeller.

Wood:  Mixed Hardwoods
Length: 290 cm