Wooden Propellers Site Map
(Really just a few quick links to various pages on www.woodenpropeller.com)

How to Identify an Unknown Wooden Propeller
   Propeller Identification - (General Information - Please Read This First)
            "Early" Wooden Propellers (WW1 era and earlier)
            "Modern" Wooden Propellers  (post WW1)
            Wooden Propeller Forum - pick a category and post your information for help
            Browse the Photos - in hopes of finding one just like yours

Care and Handling
        "Dont Restore Your Prop !!!!!"
          How to SHIP a propeller - (see link at bottom of page for additional methods)
          Bahnson Collection - Web Display of Early Propellers
          Propeller Decals -

Available For Sale
         Information Page
          Propellers Available to Purchase

Contact Information
        1. NOTE - Please DO NOT email me with questions about propeller identification or value.  Use our on line Wooden Propeller Forum for that purpose.
          2.  See #1 above.  For all other questions about the site or propellers for sale or trade contact Dave Bahnson via e-mail.