Several Options for Packing a Large Wooden Propeller to Ship
Shipping a large wooden propeller does not need to be expensive.  Most propellers up to 9 feet in length can be shipped by carriers such as FedEx and DHL, but the "dimensional weight" usually determines the cost, so the goal in packing generally is to keep it small.  There is enough inherent strength in the propeller itself that simply protecting the surface is usually sufficient, and bubble wrap with some additional protective measures (Option 1) will generally suffice.  Greater protection can be obtained by a hybrid type of arrangement, using bubble wrap and thin plywood to form a "mini-crate".  For the most protection, particularly where the item will be shipped via freight a full plywood crate works best.  The methods are all described on individual pages.  Click on the photo for details.
Option 1 - Bubble wrap, a little padding and cellophane tape Simple, sturdy and inexpensive.  Can usually be shipped via FedEx Ground or even FedEx Priority.
Option 2 - Bubble wrap covered with plywood panels.  Requires more material and considerably more work and expense, but is a little sturdier.  May necessitate FedEx Ground or even via freight.
Option 3 - Not a great deal more expensive to do, but considerably more work and usually significantly higher shipping expense (via freight).