Rev Dec,2020
Early Requa Gibson Propeller
1909 to 1911

Requa Gibson
Propeller 210
Type Reg   Dia 7'   P 4'
Rotation  R
Comments:  This is a very rare early propeller (pre-WW1) manufactured by Requa Gibson in New York.  Requa Gibson was the first American propeller manufacturer, starting business in 1909, just before the American Propeller amd Manufacturing Company  (Paragon) opened in that same year.  Unfortunately the Requa Gibson company went bankrupt in 1911, which dates this propeller to that range only. The tips are covered with pigskin rather than the canvas fabric or metal sheathing which was used in later propellers.  The engine type and aircraft model are unknown at this time, but the 5 hole hub narrows the possibilities of early engines. 

Wood:   Possibly chestnut
Length:  7 feet