Fokker DR 1
c. 1917
110 PS
D 260
No. 30438

Comments:  This Heine propeller was used on a Fokker DR1 triplane using a LeRhone 110 horsepower (engine also called Oberursel).  The German DR1 was designed based on the British Sopwith Triplane and flown by Baron Von Richtofen, who advocated large scale production. While it's typical for German propellers to omit the aircraft make and model, use of this model propeller on the DR1 was verified by Lt. Col. Robert Gardner, author of three volumes of German propeller references, and he is considered the world expert on the subject*.  "Witness marks", caused by pressure of the metal hub, indicates that this propeller had been mounted for use and subsequently removed.  The propeller is in original, unrestored condition.  Since most WW1 propellers were destroyed as part of the 1918 Armistace, this is a rare surviving original DR1 propeller.

Wood: Uncertain, possibly Elm
Length: 8 feet 6 inches

See page 46 of German Propeller Makers of WW1: Part Two by Bob Gardner, where an identical propeller with Serial number 30471 is described
Additonally, Bob Gardner commented on this prop in the Wooden Propeller Forum, indicating its use on the Fokker DR1.  (See this photo.)