WW1 Era Wooden Propellers Available for Sale
Please Read This First (See note below)

I have been actively collecting wooden propellers for over 35 years, restricting my acquisitions to early (WW1 era) props for the last 20 years or so.  I've run out of space to put them!  And since I plan to move into a smaller house in the near future I need to reduce the size of the collection considerably.  In the past few weeks I have been organizing and photographing as many of them as possible to preserve photographically in detail on my web site, woodenpropeller.com, for others to reference in the future.  In addition, I've selected a number of them to offer for sale in a wide range of prices and varieties. All of those can be viewed through the link below, and that group does include some, but certainly not all,  of the props displayed on the current Photo Gallery.  Please read the following points of information before considering purchases. 

Prices:  Please note that these propellers are all authentic and very rare and hard to find.  Some of them likely are the only ones of their specific type remaining in existence.  For a guide to propeller valuation please read the page on Propeller Values, which has a number of examples of actual sales of a variety of props. I have tried to price these items accordingly, to what I would consider a "market" value.  The web pages that were created for each propeller will remain on the web site indefinitely, which can be useful should anyone decide to resell one of them in the future.

Condition: These are display propellers only. Virtually all propellers from this era have various defects from wear and tear and aging, and in fact that's what gives them their character and value as the antiques that they are.   I have tried to show and/or describe that as accurately as possible.  You will note that all of the photographs have been processed to remove background and to display esthetically on the web site.  All photos are thumbnails and can be enlarged for better detail.   Original photos prior to background selection are available on request, and I will attempt to provide specific addtional photos if requested.  I have not routinely included photographs of the rear (non-display) surface unless dramatically different from the front surface.  I have tried to describe the wood species accurately, but in many cases the species is unknown or can not be determined.  No attempt has been made to remove or hide any known defects in these photos, and NONE of these propellers are believed to be reproductions of any kind.

Sales: I will reserve any propeller for a $100 PayPal deposit for 14 days pending receipt and clearing of full payment by check or other mutually agreed upon payment method.  The deposit allows me to crate the item and calculate shipping charges  and arrange a final fee to be paid prior to shipment.  Buyer to pay actual shipping expense but there will be no charges for packing and/or crating.  I will accept any item if returned in the same condition within 2 weeks at buyer's expense for shipping.  Please allow adequate time for me to prepare suitable crating materials to safely pack and ship each propeller

Shipping:  Buyers may inspect and pick up their propellers in person.  Otherwise I will begin crating once a deposit is received and will calculate actual shipping charge via major carrier such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.  Generally, for domestic shipments, FedEx Ground (Home Delivery) is the least expensive and most practical, but they limit crate length to 108".  In 2013 most 8 foot props could be shipped within the 48 states for $100 to $150.  For crates larger than that FedEx Express is more expensive but will accomodate crates up to 119" in length.  Buyers, of course, are free to arrange their own shipping or local pick up.

There are no propellers currently available for sale.

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