Bob Gardner's Propeller Books

A note to let you all know about the progress of my books on early propellers.

The first book (Design and Manufacture of British WW1 Propellers) was published last summer (2010) and provides an introduction to early props including the meanings of the markings on them, the regulations to which they were made and how to buy and collect them.

Then follows a series of five books describing British WW1 prop makers and their products.  The first two have been published.

    Volume One describes the props of the three design authorities (the Royal Aircraft Factory, the Air Department of the Admiralty and the Air Board) and individual makers from the Aircraft Construction Company to Boulton & Paul.

    Volume Two describes makers from the British & Colonial Aeroplane Company to the Falcon Airscrew Company.

Each book is about 150 pages long with about 220 illustrations and costs about 37.00 GBP, about $60.00 USD, plus P & P.

They can be ordered from my website at:

    Volume Three will be published in the Summer of 2011 and Volumes Four and Five in the Autumn.  These books will cover the following makers;
    Vol Three:  Farringdon to Lang
    Vol Four:  London Aircraft to Ruston
    Vol Five:  Sage to Wolseley.

Next year, 2012,  I will produce similar books describing German WW1 Propellers.  The first will describe the German Propeller industry.  Then a series of four or five books will describe all know German WW1 props.

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(Photo below added after completion of the volumes described above.)