Anker Propeller -200 HP Mercedes
Anker Propeller
Type  S  55
Benz 200 PS
DCMH 3040
STG 190
No. 8527
Comments:  This large propeller was used on the powerful Mercedes DIIIau six cylinder engine boosted to 200 HP.  While the specific aircraft use is not certain, the most likely use was for either the Albatros D.V or the LFG Roland D.VI, both of which used the 200 HP version of the Mercedes engine.  Anker is believed to have reserved 20,000 propeller serial numbers between 1916 and 1918, although it's not clear if those were all used by the time the company ceased operations in 1918.  Very few remain.  "Witness marks" on the hub indicate that this prop had been mounted and used in service, then removed.

Wood:  Mixed (likely walnut and ash)
Length: 9 feet 11 inches
Albatros D.V
Roland D.VIa