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Default Niendorf of Luckenwalde

Hello all.

I am off to view a propeller. It was made by Niendorf Propellerwerke, Luckenwalde.

The hub markings are as follows:

178ps MERC

274D 195ST



I recognise what the annotations mean, my question is: Can anyone identity the application? It has been ventured that it is for a Fokker D VII but I am not so sure.

Sorry, no pictures at this time but I will take some when I inspect.

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Hopefully, Bob will drop in to opine on this one as well.

Just at face value, I'm ALWAYS skeptical of the claim that a propeller is from a specific airplane when the airplane is symbolic of a war or an era or a famous person, etc. Some of the claims I've heard along the way even defy imagination . . .
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Bob Gardner
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Not much help from me, I'm afraid. I have recorded two other props by this maker with similar dimensions but the aircraft is not identified.

Fok D VII props had a diameter and pitch around 280cm and 210cm, although the diameter could vary between 270-280 and the pitch between 205 and 220.

This version of the Mercedes engine is recorded on the Albatros D V and the D Va but the dimensions are not known.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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