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Default Hugo Heine propeller value?

Hi from Finland. : )
I'm a new member here, in this interesting forum. ... A friend of mine have a Hugo Heine wooden propeller. Or just one plade of the propeller. We need help to figure out the market value for this.
Allso age and other information would be interesting.
I enchlose a couple of photos to help identification. Serial number is 48847,
Motor type is L5.
Kind regards: Jari
P.S. It's for sale, if the price is right.

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Bob Gardner
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Good Morning Jari,

Welcome to the forum.

Your prop blade dates from the late 1920's and was made by Heine, a German firm, from Berlin. The designation L5 indicates a Junkers L5 aero-engine which was highly successful and widely used in civil aviation. It had four valves and two spark plugs per cylinder and an overhead camshaft. The Finnish airline Aero O/Y (later Finnair) used the Junkers G24 aircraft that used Junkers L5 engines so this might be the aircraft your prop blade came from.

I'm sorry to tell you that your prop isn't going to be worth much money.

Firstly, It is not a propeller but a blade and half a hub.
Secondly, the blade is disfigured by that circular crudely cut mark.
Thirdly, it is from civil aviation, not military.
Fourthly, it is from the 1920's which is a neglected era of aviation at the moment.

My guess is about 120 EUR, $160 USD, 100 GBP.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Default interested

Hello from Seattle Washington USA.

Such a shame that someone drilled that hole in the half of a prop you have. As Bob stated, what you have there is what is left of a beautiful prop at one time. Sadly, these pieces dont bring much money. Considering what the freight would be from your side of the ocean, I will offer you a flat $100.00 for it, and that is on the premise that it doesnt need a fancy box to ship it in, just bubble wrap and cardboard sheathing bent to form fit and duck tape to hold it all together. I have a soft spot in my heart for damaged props such as yours. I know you might think its a great find, but I assure you, dont be fooled by the appearence of it, its NOT a piece that will command a high price.

Enclosed is my information on my business card, let me know what your plans are for it, if it winds up with me, I dont resell them, I incorporate them into very interesting pieces of kinetic sculpture that I keep here in my studio for display. I feel such pieces should be able to spin freely again when given proper counter weighting and gimbals for them to be mounted on.

Dennis Hicklin
Seattle Washington
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