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This small forum has never been accused of being lightning fast, and two of the most helpful experts, Bob Garner and pmdec, don't check in every day or even in some cases every week or so.

I don't have any new information based on the length except that it makes more sense and some props can be eliminated as possibilities but positive identification requires making sense of the blueprint number ("DG" number of 2386).
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I can't add anything useful: 2386 is not a known serial (drawing) in France for Chauvière (or for any maker of the WW1 era).The size (2.40 meter) is quite common: there are 14 different French made propellers with a diameter between 2.35 and 2.45 meters and used for Hispano engine. From these 14, none have a 13.3 cm thick hub. French hubs fitting sizes were standardized to 4 patterns (A, B, C and ... D, yes!) and none have the numbers you wrote.

Sorry not being able to help,
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Is it possible to ask bob Gardner to have a look at this prop as it's an English prop ? Not sure how to ask his help ?
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Bob Gardner
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It is an Integral Propeller Company prop made in Great Britain to a Levasseur design for the 150hp Hispano-Suiza engine in the SPAD 7.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Thanks bob really appreciated
Regards neil
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