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Default Lorenzen Propellers


Does anyone have any information on Lorenzen Propellers? I was able to find that it was made in Niles, Michigan by Roger Lorenzen but I cannot find much else. Are these propellers rare?

Thank you!
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Not sure. They might be for ultralights. The name rings a bell, but I don't know anything about them.
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Default Lorenzen Propeller

Roger Lorenzen was my great uncle. I don't know what information you would like but I can try and help.
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Bob Gardner
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Was Roger Lorenzen or his father German? There was a German prop maker during WW1 called Lorenzen and I often wonder if the American Lorenzen was from the same family.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Default Re: Roger Lorenzen

I knew Roger and was even able to visit him at his home/workshop in Niles about 1969 thru 1971. I was wondering if you can tell me when he passed. He had samples of special propellers he had made through the years and the small bag of shavings from the final balance of a wind special tunnel propeller. He taught me a lot about aircraft woodworking and also did a spar splice on my Fairchild F24-W40, which he did at Southwestern Michigan College and demonstrated it to the A&P class there while he preformed it. He was a master aircraft woodworking craftsman, and loved creating propellers from scratch, always welcoming a new challenge.
Thanks, Tom
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Default Lorenzen industries metal decals

Hello, I have 7 metal decals that say "LORENZEN INDUSTRIES NILES, MICHIGAN - USA" they are pretty cool. I found them in my grandfathers stuff after he passed away, he lived in Niles his whole life. I was looking to sell these as they are antiques. Would you be interested? I can send pics from my email to you if you'd like. I am trying to attach a picture, but I think it's over the size they allow on this site. thank you
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I grew up living around the corner from Roger. My father in law was his assistant in his little propeller shop across from the Niles airport. His work included rebuilding propellers and hand carved ones for customers, including the US Armed Services. He was a perfectionist, as was my father in law, and their work was like fine art. He was also active in 16mm and still photography. Other projects were with the Heath Parasol Airplane and he was one of the first members of the EAA.

A Google of Roger Lorenzen NIles MI will give you more info. He passed away on March 16, 1999.
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Default Former Niles Native

Just want to add my very little bit of info. on Roger Lorenzen to help anyone interested.
(First off, I know little to nothing about about airplanes or propellers!!)
I just happen to have spent over 40yrs growing up in Niles, and I just happen to be present at the two Auction sites they held after Roger passed away(His workshop, and his home in downtown Niles).
I ended up purchasing a old water cooled spot welder(which i have since sold when i moved) he used at his shop to make many different projects, and at his residence i ended up with a few of his business cards(a single card is all i have left now!)
So I am including a photo of it here!
Of course i never knew Roger or had heard of him until the Auction posting, but i could most certainly tell from his shop that he did some amazing work!!
Anyway, i only joined here so i could at least share what little i knew about him and his work.
Hope it helps indeed to someone!?? TY IMG_20190710_135746797~01 - Copy.jpg
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Default Roger Lorenzen

Thanks for the information. I have a propeller that was refinished by my father-iin-law and hope to donate it to the new Yankee Air Museum in Roger's memory.

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