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Default Hartzell Prop Identification

Dear Kind Folks,
We have recently come across 2 Hartzell wooden propellers and wondered if anyone could help us determine value and provide any info.

The props measure approx. 90" long,
The depth of the prop where the shaft is inserted is 6" , they have 8 bolts, and are marked as follows:
Hartzell A.T.C. NO 457
HP 225
DESIGN C 707 80 (90)
SR NO 3 27 27 and 24 3 83
RPM 2000
Starting at the tips of the wings for about 15" there appears to be some kind of fabric covering the wood. The prop with the labels has small amount of damage, the fabric has lifted a little, and there's a small intact crack in the wood running with the grain. Otherwise just cosmetic wear...scratches and dents....no detrimental or structural damage.

From the best of our knowledge we think these are from a Beechcraft Staggerwing from approx. 1935. Please see attached photo's.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
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I think that you're right on track with identification. See this list showing its use on the Beech 17 or the Cessna T 50. I actually think that the Cessna is the more likely use, since those were produced in large numbers and then the wooden props were switched to variable pitch metal props and hundreds of the wooden props became obsolete.

I can't provide an accurate value, and I think the metal hubs themselves may be worth a fair amount, but I would expect something in the $1000 range if I were selling them. You can check eBay for "completed listings" and get some idea of the market. (The current asking prices are useless guides for valuation.)
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Many thanks for your quick reply and helpful info. you were bang on! One more question if you don't mind...are we able to post these for sale on here or is that not allowed? Sorry we're totally new to this and are not certain how it works...
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