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Thanks again for your help - and Merry Christmas!

In case it was valuable, I was also looking for a museum that might be interested. However, your advice sounds like my half propeller is not rare so probably not a museum piece!

We cannot continue to keep it at home (lack of space) so unless you have any other advice, I’ll probably post on eBay and see what happens.

Thanks again - you have been invaluable.
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To recap, what we know about your propeller (Some of this is my opinion and I stand open to correction).
-It is left handed
-It was originally about 10’6” in diameter
-It was made by Short Bros.
-It is very likely that it was made for a Short Bros. aircraft (although it is not impossible that it was made for another aircraft manufacturer)
-The size of propeller and number of bolt holes are consistent with a Sunbeam engine, or just possibly a left handed version to the Rolls-Royce Eagle
-It most likely dates from the era 1915-1920 (Earlier Shorts aircraft used smaller engines such as Gnome etc. which the dimensions of this propeller are not consistent with and, in general, this assymetric blade design did not last long into the 1920’s)
It is visually consistent with the propellers seen in photographs of the Shorts N.2B, S.320 and, most closely, Type 184.

Further research into the hub dimensions of likely engines ought to yield more hard evidence.

As to rarity, where to begin? True, partial propellers are not rare in themselves but has anybody on this forum ever seen another early Short Bros. propeller?

As to value, this is not my area of expertise at all and I wouldn’t presume to advise. That said, I would be interested in this piece, so if you are serious about selling, please PM me and we will see if we are able to come to an agreement.



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I got your message and replied but the reply hasn’t appeared in my “sent” box.
Let me know if you haven’t got it and I will re-send.
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