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Default Identification numbers on British and U.S. Built Propellers - post WW1

Many thanks to Bob Gardner at Aeroclocks for assembling a huge list of drawing numbers for British propellers made following WW1. (And thanks to Lamar Bevil for creating the html page.)

List of Propeller Drawing Numbers for British Aircraft.

Many U.S. built propellers can be found on Lamar's site, Modern Wooden Propellers.

List of Drawing Numbers by U.S. Manufacturers. (Scroll down page.)


If you are looking for a drawing number that begins with a 1940's date and a "K", eg "43Kxxxxx", be sure to look first for the corresponding civilian model by going to this page of Military Drawing Numbers first.

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Bill Harwood
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Default Marshall Propellers

I am looking for a good picture of a Marshall propeller decal.
I own Marshall propeller No. 2140.
Any help will be appreciated.
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Default Prop not on list

D.H.5220/JX 1
De havilland
Length from tip to tip 6ft 1"
Gypsy II III & Major
April 1936
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It's not unusual for variants to show up on these lists, and D.H 5220/J does appear, followed by "x1". I'm not sure it's accurate in this specific case, but in some other cases the "X" is used to denote "experimental" and is sometimes followed by an identifying number, which in this case would be "1".

So it may have been built to the specifications of D.H. 5220/J but was the first version of a trial production change that marks it as not identical to the certified model.
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