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Default 95 inch "Marshall Prop Co" "Midwestern Aviation Corp" Any Info?

Hey there,

Came upon a pretty large, 95 inch wooden propeller the other day. I don't know much, or really ANYTHING about wooden propellers. Anyone have any knowledge of this one? It has these sticker-like stamp things that say "Marshall Propeller" and "Midwestern Aviation Corp" "Seymour, Ind"

I looked it up on google but didn't find anything really (except this website pretty much). Any info/knowledge would be much appreciated.
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There's not a lot of information about that company. I do know that they some made props for the OX5 engine when it was used on Waco aircraft, but if yours was one of those it would mean that the hub was cut out for a clock or similar device. You can eliminate some engine possibilities by its hub dimensions.

I'm doubtful that you will be able to narrow it down to a single make and model of aircraft, however.
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