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Smile ANY IDEA? 10FT+ Hamilton Aero Banana Wooden Airplane Propeller

Anyone know what this MONSTER may have gone on?

No holes in the front. 6 holes in the back that partially go through hub.

Darker color around hub appears to be from a front plate of some sort.

123-1/2 inches in length. Awesome hamilton banana decals.

More photos in my album


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I don't think there is any record of Hamilton Propellers and their applications. This one was manufactured before the merger with Standard Steel so it was made before 1929.

The hub drilling is similar to the Rupp fastener used in Germany that was developed to provide a quick propeller change, but I'm not aware of any similar design among U.S. manufacturers. (The Rupp fastener had only 4 holes in the rear of the hub, not 6.)

Most of the Hamilton props I've seen have a similar design, with the gentle scimitar configuration.
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Thanks Dave - the research is always fun and rewarding! Have a great weekend!
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Bob Gardner
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This looks like an exciting discovery. As Dave mentions, it appears to have a hub for a Rupp fastener. Propart could you confirm that the bolt holes are tapered? If so it is the first American use of this device that I have heard of. Also, it is the first use of six bolt holes. The German and Swiss airforces used three and four bolt holes.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Just did a finger test inside holes and they are indeed tapered. Now to figure out what this beast went on?????
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10ft wooden propeller, banana decals, hamilton aero, hamilton standard

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