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Default Propeller cross-sections

Looking out the outlines of "early" propellers, they seem to fall into several broad styles. For example, some are offset so that the trailing edges almost form a line through the hub. Of these the leading edge is typically curved and the trailing edge straight. Then there are the more or less "symmetrical" propellers.

Anyway, what I'm really wondering is whether the profiles (resulting from pitch+airfoil shape over several "stations") also fall into broad categories.

For example, some side view drawings I've seen show rear edge as mostly straight and the forward edge curving back to it. Others have the two edges curving in towards the middle. In some cases the blade appears thick for the middle half of its diameter but thins rapidly after that.

Anyway, how can one go about reconstructing the airfoil progression (in at least an approximate way) from the front view alone -- which is often the only view available.
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