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Default Help with Large Propeller Identification

Hello everyone, this is my first post to this amazing website.

I have a propeller I was hoping I could get some assistance with identifying.

The specs are as follows:

135.5" Diameter
4.25" Hub Thickness
3.75" Center Bore
0.6" Bolt holes
8" Bolt Circle

The text on the side of the hub appears to state:

CONTRACT # 56028-
     SE 5161
I would be very grateful for any help with identifiying this guy.



Some possiblities as I have found them
8" Bolt Circle must be for a Liberty engine but the hub is thinner than typical.
B = Buffalo Aeroplane Corporation (Buffairo)?
SE = Steam Engineering
5161 = Drawing Number
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It could be SE 5 161, referring to the aircraft the SE 5.

Edit, oh no it's far to long at nearly 3.5 metres!
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That's the thing that's getting me. It's a huge prop but has a thin hub. Strange combination.

EDIT: The more I research, I'm leaning toward it being from a Curtiss H-16.

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The thin hub may indicate that it was stacked with another propeller to make a four-blade combination, or the hub dimensions that match the Liberty engine may just be coincidentally matching another engine. The center bore dimension is larger than for a Liberty engine hub, so I'm thinking it's probably another engine altogether.

I don't have any listings that match the SE 5161 number, nor do I know where you'd ever find that info, but I agree that it's probably a Steam Engineering number.

The large size and the gray paint might be associated with a dirigible application. The Navy did experiment with various lighter than air aircraft in the early teens.
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