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Default Yet another mystery propeller!

Hi and thank you in advance for any help identifying this propeller. I believe its an early one based on what Ive read on your very informative website and this forum. Ive tried to figure it out using the charts and other information listed but unfortunately Ive had no luck.
The total length is 86-1/2, 8 bolt holes, stamped with only one set of identifying marks C7353. The thickness of the Hub is 6 bolt diameter seems to be 1/2. The ends have a fabric attached and one end is painted on one side on one end (appears to be the forward facing which makes sense). The interior diameter appears to be 3-3/4 and the color is noticeably lighter as if there was a cone or something protecting the bolts and that stain is 8-1/4 in diameter.
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That's really not enough information to identify it, although I'm nearly certain that it is a "modern" (i.e. post WW1) design. Based on the diameter of 86+ inches I'm guessing that it's "most likely" one of the props on the Sensenich site that have an "86" prefix in the design number. You might check other manufacturers for their versions of 86" or 87" propellers, but there are so many variables that you still can't identify it with any certainty.
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It looks very similar to the propellers found on Ryan PT-22s (although those use 90" props). Indeed these had a cone, the bright area is the exposed part. Sensenich 1930s for sure. Though not WW1, these are popular and valuable propellers too.
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