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Default Expert seeking expert to bounce design ideas off

I've released a Fusion360 add-in called "airfoil tools" which makes use of 8 years worth of CFD preprocessing to insert "ideal" foil sections for users.

I've completed the foils and struts, and I'm overjoyed at how well my turbines function.

I a now up to the point where I do propellers. They're a lot hard than turbines (which always want to extract as much power as they can, which the betz limit allows us to calculate).

Is anyone on this board obsessive and knowledgeable about optimal design?

My goal is to interrogate the user so I know how they plan to use their prop, then to use that with math to give them the one best suited - kindoflike "props for dummies" I guess: I'm not asking for reynolds numbers or fluid densities etc - none of that make sense - I'm asking for things people know (speed ranges, altitudes, medium, etc).

The work I'm about to embark on involves power and torque and size constraints etc, so I can give them reduction ratios, blade counts, and the completed design in return.

Ideas I feel like I need to talk over with other experts include tip wiglets, trailing edge uniformity, variable pitch considerations, computing disc fluid velocity at chord stations while taking tip loss into account, and so on...

To whet you appetite, see attached chart. If you run a few hundred thousand hours of genetic design on 1440 operating regimes optimising for CL/CD over a bell-weighted +/-6-degree AoA target, you can then draw an interesting table. (I wonder if anyone has ever done that before? Do let me know if you've seen it!! - clue - what is the best Reynolds Number ? Answer - see attached screenshot :-)

My add-in is here, (assuming I, a new user, can post links): https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusio...r/td-p/9453985
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