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Default De Havilland propellor?

Hi we have the centre section of a wooden propeller, 8 hole, dark wood, with this information carved into it:
DEH 6 = De Havilland 6, a WW1 trainer
90 HP RAF = type of engine, wiki has the 90HP RAF as being a common fit on the above aircraft
DG 23770 = drawing number
G 282 = ?? any ideas
N 100 = ?? any ideas
D 2760 = diameter in mm, which is about 9 feet, again a common size for the DH6
P 3450 = pitch in mm
It also has three stamps 1cm square AID followed by 2/3 numbers. Is this Aircraft Inspection Directorate?
On the rear face it has 1252 carved onto it

Any ideas what G and N stand for and also the date of manufacture?
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The G and N numbers are batch numbers, i.e. basically serial numbers. Bob Gardner has some lists that correlate those numbers with production dates.
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de havilland

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