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Default need identification for 8-bolt walnut propeller

I inherited a propeller belonging to my father. The propeller is walnut, 8 feet in length, offset blade, 8 bolt holes in hub with *1680* stamped on hub. I believe he acquired the propeller well before WWII. My father had told my mother that it may have belong to Lindbergh (at another time she said Howard Hughes). Either or neither could be the case. Any help in identifying this would be apperciated.
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It's not unusual for propellers like that to have belonged to Lindbergh, the Wright brothers, Howard Hughes and the Red Baron. It's the ability to document that fact that seems to be hard to do.

Are there any other stampings on it? The design is similar or identical to a large number of them that were made by the American Propeller Company under the trade name Paragon for use on the JN4C (Canadian "Jenny") or other OX5 powered JN4's. The asterisk surrounded number is just a production number, but often other stampings indicate its pitch, and some had "P.P." stamped on them to denote Paragon Propeller, but the stampings actually vary quite a bit.

Here's another example of one. Here's another one that was damaged, probably hitting a wire fence, but still has the Paragon decals.

A large number of these were sold off as surplus in the twenties, as the OX5 engine quickly became outdated.
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Default no additional markings

Sadly, there are no additional markings other than the production number.
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