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Default Applying New Decals: Need Help

Hi all,

I have a Sensenich prop for a PT-22 that is not airworthy and was left in the elements when I found it. I'm doing a restoration for display purposes and I'm to the point of applying new, old fashion style SB waterslide decals that I recently ordered directly from Sensenich.

When I wetted the first decal (in room temp distilled water) it began to curl as I'm used to. But then it began to crack all over. This happened even without my trying to remove it from the paper.

I should also mention there were no instructions included. I have read that some decals require a clear coat going on before use if they're cheaply made, but these were $35/set!

I have contacted Sensenich and hope they can offer some assistance. Just thought it worth asking here, as well. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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It sure looks like a defective product to me. Let us know what Sensenich says. I didn't realize that they even still sold that style of decal.
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Just a quick update on the decals/restoration... I will post a new thread with lots of before and after photos of the full restoration, but wanted to share that Sensenich did send me replacement waterslide decals when I told them what happened.

I requested instructions and followed them precisely, but unfortunately they again fell apart. Luckily, I had saved one decal from the prior set to test with - this left me with one more set for the final install.

I did some more research and found that newer decals often require a clear coat be painted over the decals before getting them wet. This information came from scale modeling and antique fishing rod restoration websites (it was not mentioned in the Sensenich instructions which must be out of date - I emailed them to let them know ).

So, I used a 'dead flat' clear coat over the decal page, cut out the decal with an X-acto (this technique requires that you cut out the shape of the decal exactly as you want it to be when removed from the backing paper) and they installed perfectly and look great.
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Bob Gardner
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Well done V8. Thanks for telling us. I have never felt at ease when adding decals etc!

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
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