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All of the dimensions that you have provided are entirely consistent with the propeller having been fitted to a Curtiss OX-5 or OXX engine. These were fitted to a number of different aircraft types during the WW1 era and through the 1920s but, by virtue of sheer numbers built, I would suggest that, on the balance of probabilities, it would most likely have been fitted to a Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”.

In this context, the “C” prefix to the number stamped on the hub possibly stands for “Curtiss”.

Wikipedia has some good information about both the OX-5 and the Jenny.

I would just like to add that most of the credit for identifying your propeller belongs not to me but to others, who have made their expertise and the fruits of their own research, freely available on this forum.


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Originally Posted by FamilyTreasurer View Post
Getting hub depth and bolt gauge...
Did you notice it doesn’t have the copper in the pics with the kids? I think the cracks confirm it’s the same propeller though...
It is difficult to tell from an old, possibly faded monochrome photograph but I believe I can discern the copper sheathing on the blade to the left in the old photo (the darker mark I think is the shadow of some foliage).
The sheathing in the modern photos is to all intents and purposes identical to that on this JN-4 propeller:


Incidentally, the finish of propeller in these photos appears to have been “restored” for display purposes. Please do not be tempted to do this with your example; it will detract from, not enhance its value.
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Thank you so much! What fun it has been to wake up and see what you’ve had to say! I very much appreciate yours and everyone else’s willingness to share their knowledge.
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