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Default 2 Fahlin Wood Props - Information Wanted

My father, a pilot & crop duster for 40 years, recently passed away a year ago, leaving me 2 Fahlin wood props. They are in very good condition. I've searched the internet and this website and came up with the following:

Prop #1 - Fahlin -Model D-500
Markings - "D-500", under that "No. 3656" Backside has "B1971, 1500"

80 Inches Long
6 Hole Hub

Planes: Aeromarine-Klemm L26, L26A, Arrow Sport, Inland S300, Monocoupe 70, 113, Monocoupe Monoprep 70, 113, Nicholas Beazley NB3, 4
Info: I believe my dad had told me that this prop was off a Rear Wing Cloudster.

Prop #2 - Fahlin -Model D-700
Markings - "D-700 - 51 - 78", under that "No. 4541 HP 100, RPM 2100, ATG 609?" Backside has "JT502, 700"

8 Hole Hub with metal insert
78 Inches Long

Planes: Avro Avian, Fairchild 22C7A, Great Lakes 2T1, 2T1A
Info: My dad had told me that this prop was off a Great Lake.

What I'm wondering is how do I clean and care for them?

Is there anymore info that someone can share with me about these props?

Value? If I decide to sell them, where is the best place and what is a fair price?

Thanks for any and all help!

If anyone would like photos, please email me at douggregory@gmail.com.
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It sounds as if you've got most all of the identifying information you can collect already. It's very rare to go beyond that, for instance, to identify a specific historical or personal use of the propeller.

Propellers of that type sell fairly frequently on eBay, and the prices vary considerably and depend a lot on condition, but usually go somewhere in the $600 to $900 range, sometimes more. You can search eBay under "wooden propeller" (singular, not plural) and if you are a registered eBay user can check "Show Only" > "completed items" in the left hand search option box to see what some recent actual sales have been.
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