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Default 1927 prop for what plane or hp engine

Please can anyone suggest where I look to find what aeroplane or engine hp this two blade propellor might have been used with:

HP Gnome
Group No 46
Serial No N46
dia 9.0 ft
oitch 6.6ft
5 1 27

It is in a dusty loft with poor light so what I have read as 7/1 may not be entirely accurate.

A Radio Amateur friend looked after it for many years, he could have acquired it sometime around the 1950s for helping do some work.

It looks to me that nothing has been done to the prop since it was taken off a plane, there s slight delamination, some sort of fabric is detaching along tha leading edge.

Would there be an appropriate museum home?
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Bob Gardner
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Hello Ilyan,

Your prop is from a First World War British aircraft, most likely an Avro 504. Please have another look at the data. The date is probably 1917 rather than 1927.

See if you can see any number in front of HP Gnome. It ought to be 80 or 100. Also see if you can find the number Y31 or Y80. '7/1' might possibly be Y31.

If all this proves impossible take some photos of the data and e-mail them to me. I might be able to make them out.

With regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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