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Default "Not Airworthy"

I have a Sensenich Bros wood propeller with the following markings: DES 76046, SER 31957, HP 65, RPM 2350. There are also 2 small marks "NOT AIRWORTHY" stamped on the hub, although this prop looks like it has seen many flying days (wear and tear, crocodile-like patina, etc). If I am correct, it was made between 1939 - 1942 for a Luscombe 8A, Continental engine.

My question: Is it a practice to stamp "NOT AIRWORTHY" after a prop is brought in for overhaul and found no longer airworthy and stamped as such, or is this stamp more likely put at the factory at time of manufacture (display prop, factory reject)? Thank you.
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Maybe both. Currently, you can buy brand new Sensenich props that have been stamped that way (rejected during manufacture), but it would seem likely that they might do the same thing during overhaul.
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Most likely that DES number is 76C44 if it came off a Luscombe. The Luscombe 8A used it as well as the 76CK44.
Dwight (luscombe owner)
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