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Bob Gardner
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Default Paragon Props in the UK

I have received this question below by Private Message about the use of Paragon props in the UK. Can anyone offer advice?

Hi Bob! Looking for an information regarding Paragon propellers. Do you think some have been used in UK, during WW1? Please advice where to look ?

I much regret that I can't help. As far as I know there was no outlet for Paragon props in the UK, and I've never seen one. But of course it might be that imported US light aircraft were fitted with Paragon props.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Good question, and I don't know where to find the answer either. Keeping in mind that the U.S. involvement in WW1 aviation occurred late and on a small scale compared to European manufacturers, but there was cooperation among allies during the war.

I don't know how you could tell that a Paragon prop had been exported to the UK. I have never seen a Paragon with stampings that conformed to the British "style" of identification, but knowing that the American Propeller Manufacturing Company had produced 25,000 propellers by the end of the war, it's hard to imagine that some of them weren't exported.
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