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Default WW1 prop

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(Originally posted by user "possiblythebest2005")

I have a Westmoore propeller
it is marked:
no. 222
on the left and:
on the right of the hub. By reading some of the other posts, i think it was for a Curtiss, but the pictures i have seen show the numbers marked vertically and they are horizontally on mine. It measures 8ft 5in in length and the hub measures 7 1/2 inches across and the bore measures 1 3/8 inches. It has 8 bolts holding a metal plate over the hub. How long were these manufactured? and is the company still in business? I am really curious about this prop. it has been in my family since i was a kid and i have always been curious of its history.

here are some pics..








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It's likely from a Curtiss JN4D with an OX5 engine. It's a so called "toothpick" design. The toothpick was much less expensive to manufacture than the early scimitar shaped propellers. With trainers like the Jenny, propellers were destroyed frequently, and frequently a number of spares would be kept around because of that, many of which became obsolete and got picked up as display items instead. Here's another example of one.

There was a lot of variation in how they were stamped.

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