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Bob Gardner
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Can't come now, tomorrow. May I come on Thursday?

Bob Gardner
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Thursday am is OK - I have an appoitment in the pm

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Originally Posted by Namprops View Post
Here at the Museum we have 2 props manufactured by Courtney-Pope Ltd. Both are 4 bladed 8ft 2in in diameter and marked NR12L 8-11-19 No.3 and AB 9040 No.2LH.

Despite best efforts we have been unable to find further information on either. Neither date of manufacture or their actual use.

We also have one propeller that is 2 bladed 14ft 1in long with a 14" diameter central boss but carries no markings. We believe(?) that this came from an airship

Could anyone assist in identifying these
Not sure if you're still interested in an answer to this, but Courtney Pope were a furniture manufacturer based in London N15 between Harringay and South Tottenham. They set up a subsidiary company called Courtney Pope Aircraft Ltd. to manufacture aircraft parts. For this purpose I know that during WWII they used a temporarily converted premises next to the tram garage at 318A Green Lanes N4 behind the Manor House pub. I am not sure if they also used their main premises, the Amhurst Works on Eade Road N4 for this purpose too.

I don't have any first hand knowledge of their involvement in aircraft parts manufacture during WWI, but an online entry by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum suggests that they were also manufacturing during WWi.

Courtney Pope Aircraft Ltd.was liquidated in 1950.
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