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There are not a lot of listed propeller models for the Camel using a Clerget 130 engine. Two of the more commonly seen models are AB644 and AD644, both having a design diameter of 2590 mm. While the numbers aren't fully legible on yours, the drawing begins with "AD 64..., so logically speaking it is most likely the AD644 model designed (and likely manufactured) by the "Air Department, Admiralty". (Lang also manufactured a model with a drawing number of "LP2850.) I think the "2926" is simply a serial number, that unfortunately has digits that are close to its diameter in millimeters.

It's quite conceivable that there was minor damage to one tip and the other tip shaved down a few millimeters to balance it. If you can add a photograph of the tips (seen from the end) it might shed a little light on that possibility.

I'm a collector (and owner of the web site and forum) and would be interested in providing a "good home" for it, as the Camel prop that I currently own is stamped for the Camel but not listed on reference materials. Please email me at dave at if you'd like to further discuss details.
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