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Default Known British Prop Makers of WW1

Originally Posted by Brett Robb View Post
Bob, For future reference this may or may not help your research, but I found this company in England still in business with an interesting fact listed in their history ~ 1908 Company began trading as A.Edmonds & Co. Ltd. During the Great War, the company used its’ skills to fabricate Lewis gun chests and cartridge cases, and later also began to supply mahogany aircraft propellers to Daimler. I have not noticed them being mentioned on the forum before.


Thank you so much for this news. I have just finished my six books on British Prop Makers of WW1 so naturally two more have now appeared. Edmonds, whom you discovered and a firm called Jouques, of whom I know nothing except that a blade with their decal appeared on eBay, which I bought for my collection.

I have written to Edmunds to ask if they have any archives or photographs of their prop making days. They probably don't! Several firms that still exist whom I have contacted did not even know of their activities in WW1.

Here's a list of those I've discovered so far. I'm sure a few more will be discovered.

Air Department of the Admiralty
Air Board (later the Air Ministry)
Aircraft Construction Co
Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd
Airscrew Co Ltd
Aldam Heaton & Co Ltd
Austin Motor Co Ltd
Avanti Manufacturing Co

Barker & Co
Barber, EL
Bath Aircraft Ltd
Beardmore, William & Co Ltd
Beney, Robert & Co
Berwick, FW & Co Ltd
Betjemann, G & Sons Ltd.
Bianco, D Ltd
Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co
Blake, WE Ltd
Boulton & Paul Ltd
Brinsmead, John & Sons Ltd
British & Colonial Aeroplane Co Ltd
Broadwood, John & Sons
Brush Electrical Engineering Co

Clark, T W K & Co
Clayton & Shuttleworth Ltd
Cleaver, HC Ltd
Cochrane Propeller Co
Cohen, B & Sons Ltd
Courtney Pope & Co Ltd
Curtis, J & Sons
Cravens Ltd.

Darracq Motor Engineering Co Ltd
Davidson Aviation Co Ltd
Davies, Bennett & Co
Denny, William & Brothers Ltd
Dick, Kerr & Co Ltd
Dixon Bros. & Hutchinson
DMD Ltd.
Dove Bros

Ebora Propeller Co Ltd
Edmunds & Co
English Electric Co Ltd
Evans, Joseph & Sons

Fairey Aviation Ltd
Falcon Airscrew Co
Farringdon Engineering Co

General Aeronautical Co Ltd
Gould Brothers
Glover & Co
Grahame-White Aviation Co Ltd

Hamptons (owned by Waring & Gillow)
Handley Page Ltd
Hermann & Phillips
Hooper & Co Ltd
Horsman, Thomas
Humber Ltd
Horsman, Thomas
Humboldt Ltd

Integral Propeller Co Ltd

Jouques Aircraft Works

Kearley, CF
Kerr Pattern Co
Kingsbury Aviation Co Ltd

Lang Propeller Ltd
London Aircraft Co
Longhurst & Skinner
Lucraft & Westcott Ltd

Mann Egerton & Co Ltd
Maple & Co Ltd
Marsh Jones & Cribb Ltd
Marshall Sons & Co Ltd
Martinsyde Ltd
Martyn, HH & Co Ltd
Messenger & Co
Miller, RP & Co
Morris & Co Ltd

Oddy, WD & Co
Ogilvie & Co

Page, Trevor & Co Ltd (Trepaco)
Parnall & Sons
Pearce, Harold E & Co (Hepaco)
Pemberton Billing Ltd
Phoenix Dynamo Manufacturing
Portholme Aerodrome Ltd
Pratt, Christopher & Sons Ltd
Presland Brothers
Prestige & Co Ltd

Ransome Sims & Jefferies Ltd
Rippers Ltd
Robey & Co Ltd
Roe, AV & Co Ltd
Rolfe, M
Royal Aircraft Factory
Ruston Proctor & Co Ltd

Sage, Frederick & Co Ltd
Saunders, SE Ltd
Shapland & Petter Ltd
Shard, J & Co
Short Brothers
Siddeley Deasy & Co Ltd
Standard Motor Co Ltd
Stanley Aviation Co
Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd

Tamworth Hindley & Co
Thompson, John & Co
Thompson, Norman Flight Co Ltd
Thornton Engineering Ltd
Tibbenham Ltd
Trollope & Colls Ltd
Turner Lord & Co

Valkyrie Propellers
Vickers Ltd Crayford
Vickers Ltd Weybridge
Vickers Wolseley Motors Ltd

Waring & Gillow Ltd
Waring’s Aviation Co Ltd
Watling, RS & Sons
Weiss Propeller
Westland Aircraft Works
White Allom & Co
Whitehead Aircraft Co Ltd
White, J Samuel & Co Ltd
White & Thompson
Willett, William
Witton, Witton & Co
Wolseley Motors Ltd

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