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Hello Bob, many thanks for your post.

Funnily enough, I am not Gabriel Grainger!

My connection with the Granger family (I believe it is spelt without the "I") is purely by chance. When I alluded at the beginning to there being a lot of luck and coincidence involved with my purchasing this particular prop I wasn't kidding!

Once I had found the prop on the internet, I contacted a colleague of mine who is an experienced engineer on historic aircraft and is involved with the Shuttleworth Collection. I asked him what he knew about SE5a propellers (as they have an airworthy SE5a in the collection and various props throughout the museum, as I'm sure you are aware.) He said he didn't know much specifically, but a friend of his had one on his wall. I sent my colleague a couple of photos I had taken when I viewed the propeller, and he wrote back to say he couldn't tell me much more about his friend's propeller - as I had already seen it! The world is indeed a small place.

When I asked for some background on the prop's history I received back the black and white photos and also the various anecdotes to accompany them, and of course enough history, information and provenance to put this post together.
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