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I have retrieved the pics I was looking for.
They are from a Levasseur prop which had been "redrilled". If it was not "damaged", it is very unlikely anybody would suspect anything special: the last pic is the other side of the hub and except a very thin glue line, nothing is visible. It was an airworthy modification as you could see the military stamps.
There are dowels in the old holes, but I do think if it possible to see them from a facial and lateral X-rays because the dowels are probably made with a denser wood and, anyway, there is to be a peripherical compression of the wood, so denser "tubes" which will appear as whiter lines (side view) and whiter circles (facial view).
On the Levasseur there is also a space between the wood disc and the hub which have to appear on a X-ray.
On your prop, the added wood disc seems (if it is there!) thicker than the one of this Levasseur.

Let us view the scans when you will have made them!


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