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The last pic received, a Régy decal and two detailed ones showing the different glue lines and wood grains. I suspect the hub has been drilled about 10 millimeters depth and two wooden discs about half the laminations thickness has been glued to change the holes pattern, but the last operation (new holes) has not been made.
I have already seen something like that: just need to retrive the pics... It could takes to me a lot of time if nobody else remembers the thread (not even sure it was on this forum!).
The marking pattern is clearly from 1914 or 1915. A very interesting prop! The only way to know if what I suspect is true is to make a X-ray: If you know or one of your friend knows somebody in a radiographic center, get the prop to them!

I will try to retrieve the prop with bolt holes pattern change using two wooden discs: be patient!


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