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I looked through some listings and found some propellers designed for the Short 184:

AB707 (684) - 4 bladed, left hand tractor (no dimensions given), Sunbeam Maori engine

AB7062 -4 blade, LHT, D 3149 P2570, Sunbeam Maori

AB7073 - no details other than Sunbeam Maori

AD501M - 4 Blade, LHT, 225 HP Sunbeam

AD566 - 2 blade, LHT, 160 HP Sunbeam

AD718 - 4 blade, LHT, 240 HP Sunbeam

S170 - 2 blade, LHT, Sunbeam Cosack

It's not a bit unusual to have quite a few different propellers for the same aircraft.

So unfortunately, although there are several 2 bladed drawing numbers and engine designation, the only actual dimensions listed are for the 4 blade. They are all left hand tractor design. I would expect that the 2 bladed version is slightly larger than the 4 blade, so just a guess but I think the 3280 is probably an accurate length for a 2 blade.

Bob Gardner may chime in at some point with some further information about sizes, but they're not specified in my listings.
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