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Default Short 184 info, where to find one, photo etc

Hi unfortunately Iím not one of those poster with a lovely old propeller that needs identifying, but I wish I was.

Iím actually trying to track down a photo of a Short 184 propeller(s) and some info relating to it/them. Iím a sculptor working on a project/proposal which references to real size of the propeller(s) of a Short 184. By searching the forum I have tracked down the spec for one type of the propeller and would like to know the differences/similarities between the two blade version and the four. D3280 P2050 is the info that Iíve found on the forum. I would also really like to know if, in UK, there is an actual propeller I might be able to see or if there is a photo in existence of a person standing next to a 184 propeller which clearly shows just how large it is in relationship to a person. Bit of a tall order I know !

I also require Ďstream tubeí information for this propeller and could e-mail diagram photo to any forum member who could supply guidance on this.
Any help on this would be truly appreciated. Thanks Ken
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