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It's certainly NOT from a JN 4. It's too short, it has a left hand rotation, and the hub drilling is not consistent with any of the engines that powered the Jenny. The absence of any stamped data makes positive identification impossible, and it's always possible that it is home made.

In addition, the hub pattern is not consistent with any certificated or early aircraft that I'm aware of. It is more consistent with an ultralight application or perhaps not even an aviation purpose.

Also, on the photo below you'll note that there is a circular "witness mark" underlying the imprint created by the diamond shaped hub plate. This implies that at some point a round hub plate was used, but the absence of a center bore indicates that however it was mounted it was not mounted onto a crankshaft the way virtually all certificated props are mounted. I don't know what that means except that its appearances suggests more than one mounting method, none of which are common on regular aircraft engines.

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