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Hartzell manufactured 3 different versions of that propeller, all under Type Certificate #631. The 3 variations were for bolt sizes on the hub (1/2", 7/16" and .640" with a slight variation in the bolt circle diameter.

The type certificate expired in 1954, meaning that any props of that design manufactured after that date were not approved for use on certificated aircraft. (One manufactured before that date was legal to use until it was no longer airworthy.)

The nomenclature stamped on yours is a little unusual, but there was a lot of variation in how that was done. It certainly seems highly likely that it was used on a PT-13 aircraft and probably in the 1940s and 1950s, but note also that it was applicable for use on the Boeing N2S-5 as well. There were a number of variations of the Lycoming R-680 engine, but the fact that the prop is stamped for 220 HP it's one of the earlier variants in that series.

It's possible that the "42" prefix indicates production in 1942, although that's not clear to me.

The value would depend on what the front face looks like, including both decals, and whether there is any damage, alteration, or evidence of re-finishing.
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