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Firstly, congratulations on owning such a wonderful prop. It represents a major evolution in American naval aviation.

The data you seek is available here, within the Wooden Propeller forum. Dave Bahnson, who created this forum, has published many British and American databases. The one you want will be entitled something like British WW1 Propeller Data which lists all British drawing numbers from c1912 to 1920. They are listed in alphabetical order. They are alpha-numeric where the initial letter, or sometimes letters, indicate the design authority for the prop, which is sometimes also the manufacturer. The list begins with the letter A for (surprisingly) the Vickers Company. Your drawing number begins with the letter T which indicates the British Government's Royal Aircraft Factory.

There are often several, sometimes many, slight variations. There are five variations for T28137. I have just added to my master copy a sixth for your prop where the variation is that the diameter is 2514mm whereas the design specifies a diameter of 2515mm. A slight variation was allowed for manufacturing difficulties.

And I have also added to my master copy a note to describe your (probably) unique example.

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Bob Gardner
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