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I had an interesting discussion with the owner of today. He has 40 years of experience in the use of shellac, and his website contains a lot of useful and relevant information to be considered in those rare cases where refinishing a propeller may be indicated.

A few points of our discussion:

1. Prior to 1920 (when the nitrocellulose finishes were developed) shellac was THE clear sealant and sometime finish of choice. It stands to reason that it is therefore present as a base coat on virtually all WW1 era propellers.

2. Un-waxed shellac can create a good bond between almost any 2 other finishes, so that a previously varnished item can be coated with non-waxed shellac, and vice-versa.

3. Shellac needs to be thinned with denatured alcohol, and only 190 proof or greater versions should be used. It should be applied in thin coats and not by brushing back and forth, with light sanding in between coats.

4. It can be colored and mixed with various pigments as noted in posts above.

If a prop absolutely MUST be refinished, I would highly recommend reviewing the information on the link aboce.
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