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Default Fritzen Propellors

Hello Gang,

Back in the mid eighties I met a gentleman named Bob Fritzen in Torrance, CA. Perhaps I have his name wrong, could be Art Fritzen ?

In any event he repaired my boat propeller in his shop and gave me a tour of his office. The walls were plastered with 8x10 black and white and color photos of aviation history most featuring Fritzen and famous people, Wylie Post, Glen Curtis, Howard Hughes, Clark Gable, Amelia Earhart etc., right up to the present day ( ~ 1987 ) with awards from NASA and Hughes Aircraft. He later invited my wife and me to his home for dinner and a tour of his wifes exotic fruit garden and his state-of-the art CNC machine shop.

I have tried "Googleing" his name with the only positive result being his winning an Oscar for designing and building the propellers used in movie wind machines.

Anyone know anything about Fritzen.

Love, JOHN
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