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So here's the specifications for the screw's skull scrape .

Catalyst: Toorale Man murder mystery - ABC TV Science
Apr 7, 2015 - .... .Bizarrely the skull wounds on Toorale Man appear similar to those on gladiators in Imperial Rome.

Dr Michael Westaway
"When you look carefully at these sort of lesions, the striations are fairly diagnostic of an edged steel weapon. .. This is significant because we actually haven't seen anything like this in the archaeological record in Australia before. ...Nothing that we've seen with this man seems to sit comfortably with what has already been recorded by archaeologists.. .. Looking at the experiments on bone that have been published in the United States and elsewhere, we can see that edged weapons, and swords in particular, create traumas very similar to what we're seeing in the man from Toorale."
"Antiquity" 2016 , same author:
Volume 90, Issue 353 October 2016, pp. 1318-1333 .

"..Of the weapons tested, the frontal wound observed in Kaakutja most closely resembles that produced by an African ‘Samburu’ sword. .. only a traditional, Aboriginal, sharp-edged weapon could have inflicted the trauma. "

A test on pig-skull using a mulga-wood blade failed:

" I have received the following comment from the writer ( an honours student): " The aim of the experiments were to determine whether traditional Aboriginal weapons could have caused trauma similar to that of the Toorale skull. Unfortunately our methods did not produce trauma,.. "

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences. "
When I write to medical research about using wood for surgical chisels , they don't reply , which is waste of this breakthrough in bone bashing.
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