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BKemper 09-06-2006 04:19 PM

Looks like a Paragon, but...
Hello! What a great site...many thanks to all that have put this together.

I have a propeller that looks like a Paragon that would have been used on a JN-4C, or a Canuck. The problem is that there are no Paragon markings or decal. The tips are steel that is copper plated. The prop is an 8-8x5.00, SC.6758. The only stamping is a fat leafed 4-leaf clover.

Is this a Canuck prop? Who made it, if not Paragon?

We recently acquired this propeller from a family in San Jose where it had been in the basement for the past 60-years. It is in excellent condition, except for a slight delamination in the hub. Also, was the left wheel pant of Wiley Post's Winnie Mae, from the same basement.

Best Regards,

Bob Kemper

Dave 09-06-2006 06:04 PM

I think all of those JN4C props were 8'4". Yours looks like it's 4 inches longer than that. Decals might have been removed in a refinishing effort, even many years ago, and it would be hard to tell.

Lots of props resemble others, even appearing identical, when they are not. Check the hubdimensions and see if it fits an OX5 engine.

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