View Full Version : Assistance in Designing Propellers from Plastic

04-24-2009, 07:40 PM
On behalf of a production team working on a play called "The Flight of the Lawn Chair Man" I am researching how to make a propeller.

Right now we are trying to make propeller beanies. Those head fitting hats with propellers on top.
We don't know how propellers work and we are trying to create a largish propeller out of floppy plastic. (The hat we bought used the same material, but smaller.)
We are trying to enlarge it so that they look really goofy on stage.

Can anyone help us with this project, designs, lengths, widths, how to torque it so the twists actually catch air and spin?

We will be making larger propellers later, so other design patterns will also be helpful, but right now we are most interested in propeller beanies.

Much appreciated,