View Full Version : Hartzell wooden propeller id / value / history questions

06-02-2017, 11:04 PM
Hello all,

I recieved a hartzell wooden propeller that was left by my grandfather whom had it for well over 40 years. He flew in the airforce since the 30s and somehow came across this. I will upload the pictures but aside frim markings I have no idea as to the history or value this retains. It is 6' in length, has metal wrapped around the ends with a material over it.

Any information or person to contact in regards to selling would be wonderful.

Thank you for your time.

Jacob Knight

06-03-2017, 07:59 AM
It can't be identified without stamped design numbers on it. There are a lot of possibilities but the size and shape are highly consistent with you on the small Continental, Lycoming, Franklin engines used commonly on light trainers from the 30s and 40s onward. Replacement propellers are still being manufactured so it has no value as airworthy and also isn't particularly valuable to a collector.

Your best bet is probably eBay, with better photos of the entire prop and any other numbers if you can find them. I wouldn't expect more than a few hundred dollars for it, but you never know . . .