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05-10-2017, 08:15 AM
Hello, I have a VE-7 Navy Fighter Propeller from my father's estate. I would like to find it a very good home. It has historical significant and should be preserved for future generation whom will never know this era of early flight, and wooden propellers. If anyone is sincerely interested in this propeller please contact me through this website. Pictures are included. Included is this response from Kevin Ryan of Hartzell Propellers.

Dear Sir:
This appears to be a propeller for a Naval Aircraft Factory VE-7, originally designed by the Lewis & Vought Corp.
It was the U.S. Navyís first fighter aircraft.
Itís probably pretty old, but I donít have any way of dating it, as we did not keep any of those records. The VE-7 was made for about 10 years, 1918-1928. The blade was known as the ďBluebird.Ē
I donít recognize any of the numbers you gave, but the prop we made for the VE-7 was 102 inches long, so Iíd say youíve got a VE-7 prop. Itís a pretty cool piece.
If you have any additional questions, or if I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Kevin M. Ryan
Product Support Representative
Hartzell Propeller Inc.
Phone: 937.778.4379
Fax: 937.778.4391
Email: techsupport@hartzellprop.com

05-14-2017, 09:12 PM
I meant to mention when you posted that I have some additional drawing number information on Hartzell propellers at home and I'll try to see if anything matches. They may be the same as what your source there was using but maybe something different as well.

05-24-2017, 11:25 AM
Thank you, that would be much appreciated. it would be great to find out anything else about this prop. I know my father got it from a family friend.

05-24-2017, 12:05 PM
What I've got is a listing of Glue templates beginning with 1300 and ending with 1519, and a list of bench templates beginning with 2300 and ending with around 2500.

I can't read the number stamps, but do any of those appear on your prop?

05-26-2017, 02:16 PM
I'll look at it this weekend and see. Thanks!